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User Comments Updated 9th January 2006

A collection of comments from guest books and personal emails over the last few years

you're absolutely right when you mentioned to quote:
"...with the thousands of members that download videos from me that they cannot get in their own country, and in fact increases sales for the record companies as it brings artists to the attention of those that don’t have access to them in their own country." 
I can be an example already here.  I've bought lots of cd's & dvd's of artists from your country through online that haven't even been known here at all.  Sometimes a lot of my friends or even family members are wondering & asking where or how I got to know this & that artist
Ths seems like an awsome site

i was downloading music vids and one came up with this site. Itryed it and found that all what i am looking for is right here. Keep up the good work,cool site. Loving it.

Es muy buena esta página.
Muchos saludos

i think this site is really cool !!!!!!

i like this website. It's good ill geve it two up.

It's a wicked site...need i say more? *wink*

great and great ..what can i say more than great

it is more than great =]

wicked site

this site is really very well ! cheer with the creator ! we finds full with vidéos there too well !

you have a great website

a great website, well run and constantly updated. Lots of great videos that you just can't find anywear else

hey john. I've been a fan of your site for years. I always miss out when you do registration for new members. I was wondering when you'll be allowing new members again. Thank you. Keep up the great work!!

i love it ,it's great website

love the site vj scorpio

hey everyone, vids are great!!!!!

wicked work!!

hey i just wanted to say thanks man, for everything, i think that this is the best website i ever known, i love live performances, and i couldn't find a few performances that i've looking for months, now after disvoering your great website, i have all the performances that i like, it't so cool. I can't figure out how to request a video that is not online but it's ok, thank you, also because your order and good service, it seems like if i payed you for it, but all this great service is for free, and i can't believe it.

Just thought i'd say thanks for doing the videos. It's great that someone takes the time to do that & it is so appreciated.

I think vjscorpios site it great

i love your site

hi, after having gone for a big while, now i'm back :) and happy to be in this great community again.

Love this club

wanted to say i love the site. Thanks for keeping me updated on any mcfly clips ive missed

great site u got here!!!

sooo cool

hi ! :d
wow ! your site is so great !
thx xxx

hey you i love your site its the best video site ever!i reayl want to become a gold member because of my site! i will link you of course!

exllent works!! thank you

i can't tell you anything new 'cause you must have already heard it all but here it goes: your site is amazing and the whole idea of sharing music videos is something fantastic. Simply awsome. Congratulations and keep on the good work.

Great site! it's specially great because i live in the us and i can't exactly get mcfly videos, but this site helps out loads.

I really love this site ... Good work jon

you need to put pics in it but it was alrite u done well

great site i´ve seen many sites that have linked back to you saying they got all that brilliant videos from here!

thanks. I believe we can never thank you enough for all of the hard work and effort you put into the club.

I love this site!!! thank you vj scorpio

i love this's the best and it gives me a chance to watch videos from uk.
It's a great site...keep it up!

...its cool

your site is great so far!! i like it!!

this has to be the best website!

i really like the newer way the archives part of the site looks, and many differnt ways to look for files (like by choosing a letter, or just looking at the whole list)

great so far keep up the good work and it will be even better cheers

i love this site and i feel very privileged to be a part of it thanks so much john

ey john, love your website man great job keep up the good work

thank you so much for your kindness. Your site rocks i love it. Keep up the good work

john, you are one of the best people around, you should be awarded a medal or something. :) You put up with so much to give out to people who are deprieved of good television. I know you just don't do it for us, but still. John you're awesome, keep up the great work with the site. You deserve the best!

hey john! your site is great. I love it soooooo much

hey john... I never wrote to you.. Lol.. But i'm here just to say that i'm proud to be your member for almost 2 years, and thankx... Really thankx for all things that you do for us... We love you... Really do!!!

this is the collest website ever .. It's so cool that you cam download music cideos for free .. And legal ..

I would like to thanks a lot for this site. It's great and people are so nice.

Everyone here is so awesome! the site is fantastic! thanks for everything!!

hey john i really really like ur site!! ur doing a great job and the site is absolutely wicked!!! go on like this

i really love this site. John you're doing a great job thanks for everything. ;)

This is one of the best sites on the web and one of the best well run as well

this site rocks....u have done a briliant job man kepp the work up.and well done.

I would just like to say many thanks to VJ Scorpio for this Music Video Club. It's absolutely amazing, helpful, and so well organized and put together.
I would also like to say many thanks to all the video contributors and adminstrators for all their hard work. I know it must take a lot to contribute videos (I'm still trying to figure out how to get them onto my computer once recorded...) and keeping everything running smoothly is awfully tough, especially with this many people as members of the club.
In any case, many thanks; two thumbs up; five stars; and all the other signs of thanks!
I'm glad to be back on the help team again. Thank you for all the hard work over the years running this club! I'm just glad that I can do something to help out.

Just to say your site is amazing everyone loves this site you can see by the feedback how popular you are, I'm glad i got your membership through donating as I think you spend an immense amount of time on this site and every little helps and you keep it going and running very very up to date if something is on in the morning you have it on here the same day you yourself are amazing I'm so glad to be a part of this site there isn't any better than this at all and your administrators are also amazing any problems or help once posted they reply in very quick time all of you are brilliant well done to you and your helpers a big clap goes out to you all well done thanks so so much love..

Over the years I have come to like and respect you for the way that you always go out of your way to help us by encoding videos and uploading them for us poor deprived people in other countries and you hardly ever ask for anything in return.

Thank you for making someone reminisce her days in the 80's. A heartfelt thanks to you

Once again, thank you, I love your club. You are a great guy. Keep up the good work.

Cheers again for all the videos, especially your rips, the rolling stones that you put up for me today is brilliant, as all of your rips are. You get the best sound, and visual quality, you really are a very creative artist! Any time I want to make adjusts to crappy videos I try to repair using windows movie maker, I use your rips as a comparison. Frankly, there are only a few of you legendary rippers out there who do it, and do it right.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart

Thank You so much. It really means a lot to me. I don't know how you find the time for all of this.

I'm back from my 2 months long holiday. I couldnt use my dad's laptop in our summer house as we had problems in our telephone lines. So i was away from the club for a very long time. First of all i wanna thank you about keeping my membership and sending premium letters to me. I'm checking them right now. Thank you for everythinhg.

By the way, thanx for teaching me about the WS_FTP thingy - the one about moving files.

Hi John. Hope you are okay. Please do not get detered by members that try to put you down just because they are banned. They just want to do so because they aren't in the club anymore anyway, so why not. If you would remember, there were some members that thanked you for giving them a chance in the club even after they were banned. This goes to show that your your club indeed IS a great club and any chance to be part of it is priceless.
I have never come across, and i don't think there is ANY other club in this whole world plus the alien worlds out there like yours. We can strongly agree that your club is the most exclusive and sought after club in the world of videos. People would kill to be in your club! Why feel bad when one person says you run your club badly, when the rest of the planet thinks the world of your club? You make ONE person unhappy, but in actual fact you are making millions happy everyday by letting us members and the public download your videos.
Hope you don't take one person's comments to heart. We all think you are the bestest of bosses

Don't ever doubt yourself John, that is the devil's playground, and you are one of the most gracious, efficient, and knowledgeable people I've ever met.

I definitely know how much work goes into running the club! ...
I hope you know how much everyone appreciates the work you do! :)

oh, and once again thank you very much for all your help with the pics, youre the best!! as always :)

Thanks again for being the wonderful person you are. You've probably heard this a thousand times, but you simply are the best.

Thanks very much for the great vids, and the valuable info I've read
tonight on the thread about video capture, it helped me a lot in knowing
what to check out and consider when I get set up to encode.
Wow, thanks so much for moving all 3 parts!! I was going to request the other 2 parts in the future.

I'm a big enough person to admit my mistakes, and I've always noticed that you are the same. You are more than patient with members, but you are not a baby sitter for them

We are fortunate to have a good friend, and mentor such as you, and no one, or thing could ever make me feel different!

Thanks John for putting the file up ;-)
Great video!
Thank you very much John! thats very kind of you

Thanx John for thinking of my happiness. I really appreciate it a lot. You the person who lives so far from me tends to reach out & be so sensitive in my needs.

I would like to mention that since I had become a regular member of your site, my life became cheer fuller again. I had finally found the site, which was my key to the door I couldn’t open. After such a long time I could finally download Busted videos. And for all of this I only can thank one person, you. I don’t know how, but I just think that what you do makes so many people happy.

I have benefited from our relationship more than you know, and I will be forever grateful.

What can I say? You go to prove that there ARE still some nice people in the world....

I feel you have been very gracious to all of us, and I support you, in what positions you take as to the operation of your club.

Every single member has this notion that you're scarry, very scarry. Yes, you do get pissed but that's natural, everyone does & every single time you were you had every reason to be cos you're always right.

You never bore me John, always engaging, and for me, very educational, your experience and knowledge are very useful to me in making the most of my computer, and things related. Tutorials are fine, but no substitute for hands on knowledge. I try and read every one of you posts, even if I don't reply, because many times I've been reading your discussion with another member, and you'll say something, and I go "Oh, that's how it's done, now I get it." One would pay a lot to take a class to learn the stuff you impart to us for free, you are very kind.

Thanx for everything, you are an absolute angel

Woohoow! you've made it again!! just a e-mail to let you know i really apriciate your work!
keep going the good work! you're a star!!

I have received the password and just wanted to personally thank you for what you do. I realize that you are giving up your time and money for the website and many thanks from me personally.

Because I'm Iranian and in Iran there's no way to buy Cd or video clips.
Internet is the only way. I was addicted to your site but "you broke my heart"
now you have changed VJS members setting and I'm happy again

Because living in France, I can nothing see, thank you for this superb site

I'm willing to donate something it won't be a lot but you been so nice. How do I send it to you?

I wanted to thank you for sending me the login & password for your site and let me download videos which I wouldnt be able to watch if its not for your site. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just like to say a huge thanks to john .this site is run really well . now i know what heaven is like hehe

Just thought i'd pop in to say what a fab job Johns still doing Keep it up lets hope the club keeps going for many many more years ohhhh im the first post of 2003 too

Dear John, this is by far the most fantastic website I have ever been to. And you have given me (and others, I am sure about that) the greatest joy of finding HQ Videomaterial that is really hard to find. Thank you so much for creating this site in the first place and a big thank you to all the people who help you out. It's greatly appreciated

This is the best vid site on the web, Thanx John, You're a legend

Thanks this website for giving me so many great videos. I like it, I like the webmater. I like all of you

Thanks John, EVER!! You're the best! Excuse us for bothering you sometimes we aprecciatted so much your effort and all your work! thanks always

keep on doing the good work, is all i can say

I love this site. Its the best on the web, and I'd be lost without it. Thanks so much for all the work you and your helpers do. It is VERY VERY VERY much appreciated

Keep up the wonderful job! You and everyone else, you lot are a great team!

I really want to thank you . I love music so I love VJS

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. I feel so lucky to be a member of your club.

I just wanted to thank you for everything you do daily for all of us, all the encodes, all your work to satisfy the member's needs not getting almost anything in return, everything you do, the hours you spend recording and encoding the videos, maybe others do not notice it, but I do, I really appreciate it, every time I read any of your newsletters I smile and I really admire you. Once again thank you!!

I'm not really used to someone always being so polite
Best regards and wishes, and thanks again for letting me a member in your club. Because of you, I have learned so much!

I've come to have a greater appreciation for you, and your collection. It is truly impressive. You seem to have it all, but it's fun trying to find one you don't have, lol.

I run a simple website with downloads and I have about 10 members who request files and it's just so hard sometimes so I seriously admire you for doing this for loads of people, I honestly don't think I'd have the patience to do this. and even if you don't get a thank you for every request you put online I just want you to know that it's a great feeling when I request a file and it's available in a few hours and I'm sure it's the same for each and every member

I was moved to tears by reading your gracious and warmhearted mail. John..
I would like to give my huge thanks to you.
Thank you for your kind words.

Thankyou for doing these for us John. I know we keep telling you, but we appreciate it very much. You are a sweetheart to use your time to do this for us deprived fans.

I just found your web site and WOW!!! I don't know what I have to do to join your club, but I will do almost anything

I Just Wanna Say Thank-You So Much.
Your Site Rocks!!
I Don't Know What I'd Do With Out It.
Thanks For All The Blue Videos.
My Sis Really Luvs Blue At The Moment.
Now She Luvs Me For Downloading Them.

I've seen many of your videos from downloads and the picture is always clear and the sound is awesome. I'm a big fan of Westlife and if it wasn't for some of your members, I wouldn't be able to see any of their tv appearances, videos etc. since I live in Vancouver and have no means of seeing them on any television programs (except maybe YTV's Hit List). However, the same cannot be said for Blue, who I'm also a fan of. There isn't a website where I can find downloads for their TV appearances and performances and I have no way of seeing anything from them except for the few video clips I've been able to find online. After checking out your website, I was almost drooling over the many Blue videos you had. I'm amazed at how quickly you can keep everything up to date, it must be very hard work.

First of all, thank you very much for all the great files, and the help you and your administrators have given me in becoming more competent in using the computer....

I think you are very thorough in your operation, and I feel I have been able to participate properly because I read every thing I can that you have advised us on.

I have just found the dj-scorpio site and must say my jaw dropped seeing the vast archive you have there. What an incredible number of mpg's!!

Thanks John
Your work is always very much appreciated.

Awww you have a big heart John

I couldn't believe that you put my suggestion online so FAST! This is just another BIG Thank you.

If you want help with anything i'd love to help you. thats no problem, because you have given me so much!

I'd like to thank you for sending me new access details to the members' section.
As a new member (being member for just about a month) I cannot express how much grateful I am for your site, your service and most of all, your dedication to the Club.
I can hardly imagine how much of work it needs to run such a club, encode all those videos, upload them, reply to e-mails In short terms: a BIG thank you.

Wow, that's a surprise
I promise I won't screw up again
I can't believe how nice you are
Thank You!

thanks for all ur help.
it's a great thing you u do with all these videos.

Just wanted to say thanks for the past couple of weeks. Besides getting the Westlife videos, I got to know artists I'd never heard before, like Sam & Mark and S Club 8.

Good luck with the club, it's been great to be a part of it and I hope it will be available to the public some time in the future.

Just wanna say thank you very much for your attention!!!!
You're wonderful!!!!!

I have been miserable since you had to scale back. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your work, and the pleasure it brought me. I'm the guy who was always asking for classic rock videos, but I must admit I enjoyed most everything you posted, and you turned me on to a lot of groups that I might not have heard, except for visiting your site.
This Yank, never got to see too much of the top of the pops, and I really enjoyed downloading the great vids.Thanks again for everything,

thx a lot 4 answering my mail, even though u r very busy. keep on
trying 2 make ur site top of the tops. u r the best =>

i have just found out about your website recently, realizing that your
site is incredible & magnificent.

Thank you very much for your kindness. You're a great guy with a great site.
Thanks a lot.

Hi John. No, don't worry, I'm not here to ask you to record another Westlife performance. :) I really just wanted to drop in and say a very very sincere Thank You to you. I really don't know how you manage to cope with us Westlife fanatics. So I just want to take this moment to say THANK YOU, with all our hearts. You don't have to reply to this mail. Just wanted you to know that we are truly grateful.:-)

I love the way the site is running now, i think its better than ever!!

Thanks John…you’re a real gem of a man!

Wow! You certainly outdid yourself! I have just visited the new downloads page and it's fabulous! Your hard work and dedication deserves all the praise! And thanks too letting us continue to be members. :-)

Thanks so much for all!!!! You're really a sweet friend!!!!
Thanks for your attention!!!!

Sorry to be a pain, I can't access your site at work because it's supposedly a "porn" site. I've tried to explain to them that it's not even close, but they don't want to listen to me :-) !
You're really a gentleman!!!!!

Thankyou so much John. You are the best. I know I keep telling you, but I just wanted you to know.

thanx... an utter legend is what you are :)

Thanks again, John! Has anybody told you how sweet you are? Definitely not a meanie as some may think.

i was very happy that i got accepted to this club in the first place. i heard about ur club for a year so being accepted made my day. i'm happy with that :-)

oh and THANKS again SO VERY MUCH for encoding and making all these blue files available to me! (and the club). you're really nice! i really appreciate all the work you do and all the dedication you put into it!! thank you!!!

By the way, let me take the time to thank you for all the effort you put in your club to make it the best!!! Thank you for all the videos I've been downloading too (Westlife, Take That, Justin Timberlake, The Corrs, Craig David etc). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :-)

I am here just to tell you something: today I downloaded Gene Kelly - Singin' In The Rain and guess? My grandmother, who can’t see nor walk anymore heard it too. John, she just loved!! She heard and "managed to follow" Gene’s tap dancing! She was so happy!
I know this can sound meaningless, but seeing her happy made me happy as well. Everything thanks to your video!! So, thanks for all, John!!!! You're really make a great job!!!

I just wanted to take some time to say thank you. Thank you for being such a generous, kind, understanding person. I'd like to speak for myself and say that sometimes I just go and get your newsletters, browse them the first time promising to read carefully the next, click on the download links and get what I like without a thought of how much work you put into the club. It's wrong to use lack of time as an excuse.
I want you to know that despite the hustle and bustle, in the back of my mind I appreciate what you're doing. You know I try to help as much as I can but I get my off-days too. I hope one day I can rise up to the occassion and give you the help you need.
You're a fabulous person, John and I'm glad that you're not getting 'hate' mails anymore. They only make you grumpy! :-)
You're doing a fantastic job in bringing us stuff that we never would get to see otherwise.

I know you always do try to oblige and suspected the forms just weren't getting through and wanted to know for sure. I really do appreciate the club and all you do for it. I know it must be an awful lot of work. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

I know you're busy. I just wanna take this time to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for being once again a part of your club.

I just wanted to say that your website is great
because its the kind of video I watch i'm from the USA
but I love pop music and I don't get to see my
favorite international groups or singer so your
website keeps me updated. Keep up the great job you
should be very proud of yourself for making a popular

John your idea of changing the way we get our emails and downloads is great, I hope you dont have the troubles you had before you are the best keep up the good work and have a good day mate

I don't say this often enough so I'll say it now. THANK YOU!!!! You are the best, John. Sometimes I feel I'm not worthy but you are such a good person.
And thanks to your 'little elves' as well as in the past they've been very good with helping out the rather stupid members like me!

You are doing a great job!!! THANX A MILLION!!!!

Just wanted to say thankyou to John for running this club. Being able to download stuff that would be otherwise unavailable to me is brilliant. Thanks again

John, you are the best. Thankyou so much for taking the time to make such a great club for us. I am proud to know you and help you out with this great site.
Thankyou for all your hard work and dedication. You are the best and I am privileged to be a member of this club and to know you

John, you've made a lot of people really happy with those uploads that you've been doing & I for one . From the bottom of my heart thank you & have a good day

I've said this once, twice... many times... and I'll say it again... a big THANK YOU to you, John!! I really can't thank you enough for all that you've done for the club. You're the greatest!!

John , thank you for everything , you made my dreams come true

John you are a saint!! You really don't know how much it means to me! God bless you! sorry, getting too religious there lol....You are so kind

If you want me to donate monies this year just say the word and I will only be to happy to assist you in the finance of running the club. I am sure other members would feel the same
Thankeee for thinking of me! too kind :)

thank you.
thank you so much.
i know you will probably never see this email but on a chance i just wanted to say i was looking for a certain video for a long time and someone just shot it over to me and told me it was downloaded from you a while ago.
believe me when i say, it is rare to see a person that takes so much time and energy to preserve the past like you do.
why don't you set up a paypal account and ask for donations to help you along with new equipment.
i do not even know you but i will always think highly of you because you allowed me to see something i have wanted to for a very very long time.
best of luck with you server.

Thanks again for everything.. you're really lovely :)

I always look forward to every download that I've requested & excited also to watch them. That's why am so thankful for you & your site. It helps people like me to get to see performances or videos that I may never get to see anywhere. I've also downloaded lots of Totp2 files, esp. the ones from the 80's. It brings back memories from the past :-).
Your kindness is highly appreciated.

Thank you so very much!! You're the nicest person in the internet. Indeed! And I'm not just telling you this for being a kiss-ass. If there's one thing I certainly am not is such a thing. I'm telling you this because there are times the truth must be said. This is one of them.

I got 2CDs which you sent to me, yesterday.
They made me happy .
I am not going to watch them at a time ,though I looked foward to get them.
I would taste the delights of your videos step by step this time, if I can do so !( LoL)
These videos are so great and pleasing to me.
Thank you for sending them soon in spite of your being so busy.
I really really appreciate your kindness!!

Just wanted to THANK you for admitting me into the club once again.... but you never interrupt me, I actually love chatting to you, so if you reply I will answer back asap..

I sometimes think about my luck that I can watch many videos from many countries, especially the videos from UK and EU, It is impossible if I am not the member of your club. I owe it to you that I have been able to watch and enjoy them. Moreover you have given me something special ,like these videos . I was greatly touched in your kindness.
I can't express to you how happy I am now.
I cannot possibly put my thanks in words....
What I can do is only to say again and again "Thank You!!".

Thanks a lot! U are a lovely person, John! =)))
I am really greatful for what u do and did for me and all the member! THANKS!
Sorry once again to bother u and for my bad english! Hope u understand me! lol

thank you very much for such nice comments :D
but honestly i think that what i do is the minimum required in change for everything you do for me... you are the lovely one... you spend a LOT of time always helping us and serving us... and obviously making us happy! THANK YOU!!! i wish i could do more......

thank you very much for everything!! sometimes i thing you're too nice to be real hehehe.... the site is very cool by the way... do you design it yourself??? thanx for the new swaping procedure as well... its great!!

Hey John! How are you doing? I'm not spending so much time online as I used to be. My time is kind of short now with school and work...I just wanna take this time to thank you!!!!! For all the videos, for being nice and for everything else. Thank you a lot!!!! :-) *hugs*

But of course, you had to put in all the effort writing newsletters uploading dealing with members etc, thus I thank you for that. Saw the nice email you received. I don't know if people take the club for granted or not but I really do appreciate what you re doing for us members.

i always appreciate all the time and effort you dedicate to me :)

i just wanted to thank you for all your help and great service :)

Actually I just wanted to say thank you for the time you took to explain how your club works. I think I understood everything there is to know. So actually there is only one thing left to say: Thank you for making the site available to so many people. Can only hope that you get all the many thank yous you deserve. Looking forward to downloading more videofiles. It's so great to have found a site like this. And be accepted so soon. Can't even describe how happy I am and how thankful I am. You must be a very special person.

And thank you soooooo much again!!! That's so kindhearted that you let me have them....Thank you thank you thank you.

Thanks a lot! U are a lovely person, John! =))) I am really greatful for what u do and did for me and all the member! THANKS!

Thanks for your kindness. The club is sooooooooo great!
"It lights up my life!"
Thank you forever!

You are a truly nice man.

Just wanted to really thank you for your help, I was just about heartbroken just when the damn thing crashed, but your kindness really made me see things in a more brighter light. Thank you!

Thanks for your kind. The club is sooooooooo great!
"It lights up my life!" Thank you forever!

You're obviously a very busy man but I'd just like to thank you for being so kind to your nonmembers in general!
I really appreciate it! [From Non member 21st Sept 2002 for allowing non-members to download a couple of videos]
I don't think I've ever said this, but I'd like to thank you for putting all these time and energy into the club. It's an awesome club, with so many different cool videos. ;o) And I'm really glad to be part of it.

John, just wanna say what a fab site you have here. Thankyou for allowing me to be a member. Keep up the great work. Ever need any help don't be shy to ask.

John, Thanx soooo much for keeping this site open, U have made me 1 very happy Kiwi.

I've been reading some user comments, including the one you sent via the newsletter, and I just wanted to personally add my thanks. I, too, appreciate the work you do and I feel lucky to be able to belong to the club. Additionally, I enjoy being able to help out on the Help Team and "make your job easier," if possible. I am now aware that there are many people that "want in" and that only makes your invitation to me to join full membership, that more special. Anyway, enough with the sappy stuff. I think you get the idea!

You are a legend with a capital L!!!
All I have to say is thank you so much!
Keep doing this great job!!!
You are the best!
(You should ask people to pay and put some banners in your website so then they would know a lot of people would see their banners and you also could get something ´cause you work so hard and most of people "even me" are so annoying!)

I also have to say thanks because you don´t know how many people you make happy with a simple thing like letting them download a video, and if you could see the smile on our faces after download a video that you got with this website you would know how much we like you and how much we want to make it worth!

and i really must say that it's the best site ever.I'm a huge fan of both westlife and blue,but unfortunately for me I live in a country where it's not much of them on telly,and my mother and father won't let me have mtv,and other channels which show westlife and blue,and well your site is the only chance I have to see videos,except the musicvideos for their singles. I totally understand if you cant accept more people to be members,but I hope that sometime I could might become a member,it would make me very very very happy,but I understand if you can't.

Anyway, I was wondering if perhaps I could pay to become a member? You have no idea how desperate I am! My friend Im writting you to tell you thanks SO MUCH for still being part of your wonderful club of amazing videos. is a member and she tells me constantly how good it is. I AM WILLING TO PAY! Please get back to me. PLEASE! If not I understand why you won't

Im writting you to tell you thanks SO MUCH for still
being part of your wonderful club of amazing videos.

BTW I watched the homepage of VJscorpios site and was surprised then. Many fireworks on the web are very beautyfull!! You always give us something to enjoy,dont you? Thanks again!

You are a nice person!
Thank you so much for the information!

Again, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to join your wonderful clubs. I appreciate you making the extra effort for another member!

i just wanted to send this form to thank u! 4 all the lovely atomic kitten vids you're adding all the time especially the ones from PITP!! as i live in Israel and i dont get to see those fab interviews preformances and more! yore club is great and u too! SO THANK U!

I just wanted you to know that I think you do a brilliant job with all these video clubs!! Maybe it's just me, but sometimes I sense a stress in your newsletter, and frustration at some points... But even if I know you do this because you love music, I do hope you get moments when you can relax from all this and just be you!! Cause I just can imagine it can be hard see to everyone's interests. And when people doesn't do as you have instructed them to...

But I hope you know how wonderful you are and how thankful your members are (well, I can only speak for me, but hopefully everyone are that... at least they should be...) for getting this opportunity to request and download videos of their favourite artists!!

oh and I just wanted to thank you SO much for the Westlife Bop Bop baby acoustic performance that you recently added. I think that's the best Westlife performance I've ever seen! They lipsynch so much that when they do a great live acousic performance like this it's extra special :)

Thanks a million!!
Thanks for the help and for always being so polite to me!

You are a nice person!
Thank you so much for the information!

Just wanted to let you know that you do a fantastic job and just ignore the hate mail as your actual members know how much work you put in and DO appreciate it.

this site is wonderfull!
westlife rulles!!
love from israel

This site is genial!
Thank you very much to john,you are great!You do happy to all fans.

This site is ...... I don't know, because I love this site!!!!!! I love fans westlife!!!I love westlife!!!!!

This site is cool!

John, I just want to tell you that I appreciate everything you do for your members, you know, I'm glad that you let me to know another channels, and videos that I have never seen.

Thank you very much John.

I just wanna say a huge thank-you for deciding to keep this site open, and a huge thank-you to your wife for helping you decide. :) You will possibly never know how much it means to me to be able to access these Westlife videos, (as N.Z has a serious lack of Westlife info). So Thank you so much, this site is a godsend and you are a legend :)

Thanks for all the hard work you put into this club! Also thanks to Angela for taking the time to help with requests. I really appreciate being able to have access to these videos. Thanks again!!

still the best site EVA! keep up the good work! the lay-out is always brilliant!
thanks 4 everything!

Thx for keeping the Westlife Club,i am sure all of the westlife fans appreciate it...thank you very much~~

Westlife (and BSB) the best
this site is very cool

I like this site.
The Best

Yes I agree you are too soft with members who break the rules sometimes, keep up the good work I am glad you are doing it I would have no idea where to start.

As I have said before I am very grateful for all that you have done for me in the last 10 moonths. With out your club I would not have been able to see the Westlife performances that I have seen. For this I thank you and I would just like to offer my help to you again if there is anything you deem that you need help with.
Thankyou again for all the work you have put into this club and thankyou for all the enjoyment that you have provided to me and countless others throughout the life of this club.
I will be disappointed but I will inderstand if you do not reopen

..ever since i met you and got to know about this club i've wondered how you managed to deal with so many things and reply to so many mails and never getting fed up with it... and even more.. always giving the best service ever!! i had never received such a service and attention in my life! but now i see you do get tired, which honestly i understand completely.. it's a great responsibility which relies on pretty much only yourself.. i cant even understand how you've got up to this point really... guess you're too nice as i've already told you before... i really appreciate everything you do for all the members and specially for me.. you've always been very nice to me..

i'm really grateful with you for all your attention, service, help, treat, and videos!!!

Love the Flash Intro.

Keep up the excellent Work.

Hello, You don't know me, but i got your name off the internet and i was wondering if you had any connections with the web site I found this site and it's amaizing! I'm a big fan of Kylie Minogue and S club (7). They have the largest slection of video I have EVER seen. I was wondering if you do have connections with them that you could tell me how i chould download some of their files (the ones on the video list, but not the ones that you can download) and how I could be come a "member." Thank you,

Hi John!How r u?
Just came here to tell you how gr8 your site is!!!I love it!And thx 4 everything!

very cool site......ive been looking all over the net to find vids of westlife, and you guys have heaps!! thanks v much

Hi all, I would like to say thank you to Vj Scorpio for being so kind and giving me the opportunity to be a part of this great Westlife Music Video Club. Now, I have a chance to meet you all guys and have some new friends and also to see all those great videos. Thanks also to Angela and other people who are helping Vj Scorpio. HUGS AND KISSES!

I just want to say thank you very much to make my dreams come true & see Westlife videos. coz there's nothing about them heren :(

John, thank you for all these videos you share with us, I really apreciated because if it wasn't for your site I won't be able to see all those Westlife performances!! xxxx

I disable proxy and you were right. and download the video!
The guy from my ISP was telling me that the problem wasn't with proxy and blah blah blah...but I insisted and disabled proxy.
Thank you for your help.
I'm glad to be able to download your club's videos again.

Just wanted to let you know that you do a fantastic job and just ignore the hate mail as your actual members know how much work you put in and DO appreciate it.

hey vj scorpio! thank you for being nice enough to share videos with the members for free! even though there are people who just waste their time dissing you, you should know that a LOT more people are grateful for what you're doing! i bet they just wanna get attention or mayber get in your club.... keep up the great work!

Thank you sooooo much for putting this Westlife Music Video Club together! This club is totally awesome! Thank you for all your work so that all of us (esp the American fans) get to see the latest Westlife videos. You totally ROCK! Please keep up the great work! ;o)

Just wanna say that i LOVE the new layout! It looks fantastic! And thanks for givin us all these vids! You're brilliant!!!

Great work on the site John!!Love the new layouts! Thanks for everything you do for us - it does not go unappreciated!

I think this site is BRILLIANT and thank YOU so much for the westlife videos!

great site Scorpio! i love what you've done with it. thanks very much for the videos! take care.

Love the new site layout, Love the site fullstop.

John, just wanna say what a fab site you have here. Thankyou for allowing me to be a member. Keep up the great work. Ever need any help don't be shy to ask.

A friend of mine recommended this site and I was impressed with the number of videos you have!!

Again, thank you so much for spending your time doing this for so many people!

All I want is in this site!!!!!!

and dont let anyone tell you different your fabbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for replying. You didn't have to, but you didand that only proves my original conception. That you
are a really nice fellow.

any other way i wouldnt be able to see any of this so.. thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Argggggggggggggghhhhhhh Do you know how much I adore you???? Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Thank you!!!

bounces up and down in anticipation :-)

Boy, gotta tell ya, I don really know u, but I love ya already...ehheeh, thanks for doing this for us, deprived fans, that can't really have acess to this stuff...or couldn't, till now!!

Can I please join? Please? Please, please, please? Pretty please with sugar on top? Ok, ok, i'll stop begging now!

cheers and keep up the good work

cheers and thank you so much for doing what you're doing!

Congratulations for your site!:)

Cool, thanx heaps for your help,Your a legend.....

cool.. "service"

Do as you want with the videos, it's my way to say thank you for such a wonderful website! Thanks!

es muy bueno este video.........

exactly what I've spent hours on the net looking for, so many thanks for your time and effort in making it all available

Excellent quality on the capture. Thanks!

excellent site!!

First time here, but it's already looking great! That's a wonderful list of videos you have there. BLISS! I can finally get to see the vids of my fave band. It's hard to get recently released vid clips where I come from. Thanks so much! :

First, thanks for your efforts to make music video MPEGs more widely available to fellow enthusiasts. The 'net could use more generosity like yours.

giggles like a teenybopper I heard that Mark looked quite delectable there :-)

God bless you!!! I'm very happy..

good site!

Good work!

Great musicvideo website! Thank you so much!

Great selection, you have a lot of versions of Queen of My Heart that I've never seen before :)

Great site and great service thank you :-)

Great site thanks

Great site! Thanks for letting me be apart of it! I can't wait till I see this video!! Thanks :o)!!
Great site, particulairy enjoyed the themed westlife site when it was open.

Great Website! Thanks again!

Happy Holidays, thanks for all the vids!

has anyone ever say thank you? The effort and work you put in this vids is enormous. Well Thank you. I really like your vids because I don't have a tv at college, only the internet.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!! Thanks again for recording all these videos!

Heheh I love ya for this

Hello again!! I just wanted to tell you thank you very much and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I love your site. I have downbloaded like 6 music videos from your website that I could not find anywhere else, and the best part is that they are awesome quality.

HI! welcome back John!

Hiya!! I'm writing just to say thanks!! you're so kind!!

hope i'm not too late for this....btw, before i forget happy christmas to you and your wife....sorry my shift key isn't working

Hope you had a great Christmas :)


I always thank your kindness to show us many westlife's videos. I live in Japan so I can not watch any TV programs in UK. I can do now!! Thanks again.

i came across your website and was amazed by how many music video's you have

I can find some rarest videos here~

i DO think your site is really good,pls keep it up.....^^

I don't know how much I can thank you for all these clips!! But again, THANK YOU!!

I don't speak English very well, but: I LOVE WESTLIFE SO MUCH!!!!!*****

I downloaded the clip of this song off your site,It is so georgous...

I hope yu remeber me.

anyway if its possible can you put me in your group again please i miss your site.

I have no more words to thank you!!! :)

I have them both. Is really nice the things you do for us downloaders! Is there anything you want in exchange?

I hope that the site with all the westlife videos, live performances and interviews will be ready soon

i hope that you and your family had happened a happy days.take care.

i hope that you have a nice day

I just love to check out your site everyday

I just wanna thank you so much for sharing your videos with people, you are , indeed, the best person on the Internet. :-))

just wanted to let you know that it works PERFECT for me to download the videos now... I've requested one every day this week and I haven't had any problems!!! So THANK YOU AGAIN for helping me out! I REALLY appreciated that!! Your site is BRILLIANT!!! Especially now, when me too can request, download and enjoy the videos!!! ;,o)
I live in Brazil and I love the Euro bands, and I can never see them on TV here, so I wanna thank you soooo much for the Atomic Kitten and Steps videos you allowed me to download. :-) They're AWESOME!

I just wanted to tell you THANKS for letting me be a part of your music club.

i looove your site tanx again for the hard work that you making for us the funs that don't live in the uk and can't see the shows becouse of that so again thank you

I love this site!! Happy New Year!

i love this website

I love westlife

i love Westlife but in Italy there aren't more informations about my fav band

I love your club - it means so much that someone would help us Westlife fans out and post these videos!

I Love Your Site !!! Thanx again for all your great video's !!!

I love your videos!

i love your westlife site!

I really like this site!:)

I really like your club. Keep the good job.

i really love kylie minogue and i see you have videos of her that i just could not find on the internet.

I really love youre site its awesome

I really want to be a member so I can get and look at the westlife videos

I think it is grand of you!

I think it is the best place for westlife video..

I think that your theme pages are a great idea Thank you

I think this is really great, keep up the good work.

i think you're doing the coolest job!

I think your service is great.

I very like this website, hope it can do more good! If can increase the forum and then liked.

i want to request this video because this video rocks!!

I wasn't sure whether to e-mail you with the non-westlife requests or not, so I hope I did it correctly, thanks for the bargain!

I wathed Westlife Documantary...Thank you very much..John!!!!...Happy new year!!!

i wish u a happy 2002 i hope all your wishes come true this year thanx for the hard work that u doing for us the funs idit

I wish you a Merry Cristmas! !

I would just like to say thanks for all the videos, you're awesome.

I would like to be a member so I can enjoy the vids and tv stuff, as I never get to see that here.

I would like to say always "Thank You" to you& I realy enjoy to read your news&letter !!

i'd like to be in ur westlife club,you're a great person scorpipo,thabks for all and god bless u.

i'd like to say that ur video club is brilliant cos its got vidz which i never get 2 c

I'd love 2 see this vid as i am a big fan and there is no where else 2 view this.

I'm nice girl,by :))

i've been searching for this clip for so long. I was hoping you have it. It's great that offer a site like this. I appreciate it very much!! Thank you.

I've searched the web and IRC, I can't find this video except here!!

If it wasn't for you I'd never get to see most of these vids. Thanks

i manage to d/l the vid! thanks a million!... hope u'll link my Westlife site

It is a very good wed site!

It was by far my favorite site to DL from.

It's a really cool website!!! I love it!

it's nice to see little changes everyonce in a while on the site layout

It`s very very Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

its very refreshing to see someone who is so willing to share what he has withothers. You really are one of the most genuine people I have ever encountered on the Net!!!

Just another thank you....this site/service/kind guesture/time consuming offer you have is appreciated by me and so many westlife fans :)

Just like to say that your site is brilliant, just too much stuff to look through. What a guy!

Just love the website! Thank you again!

Just to say thanks for the access, the server is brilliant. It has helped me out greatly

just wanna say thanks! :o)! Your site rocks!!

just wanted to have video of their new single hope it will be number one again

Just wanted to say you have a great selection of videos.... a few times I have downloaded more, but can never find Videos to much.......brings back memories some of the videos I have seen and then ones I've never seen before....

Just when I thought you couldn't provide us with anything better than the .wmv file of world of our own, you provide this!!! OMG!!!!! Loving this song so much at the moment, so to get them performing it is a christmas gift indeed :)
THANK YOU!!!!! PS, if there is anything I can do to help you, like help out with ppls URL problems etc, just ask and I'll do my best :)

keeeeeppppp thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssss ssssiiiiiiittttteeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Keep the great work! Thanks you sooo much !

Keep the Westlife files coming!!! Westlife rule!!!

keep up the good work! there are lots of people enjoying the vids!

Keep up the good work!!

Looking forward to this! :o)

Love the site. Thanks for the vids!

Love your club :) If you find a way to convert PAL and NTSC I have tapes of American appearances if you want to borrow them!

luv the webmaster ! how can ya make it ? i wanna learn more and take it ! ok bye

Man, i gotta tell u, although i dont know u, i love ya!!!!!! i've been trying to get these videos for years!! thanx 4 all the videos!!!..

Many thanks!

merci beaucoup ....

merry christmas and a happy 2002!!! ;-)

Much thanks!

My hats off to you Dude you do one hell of a good job with your site.

Nice being knowng people like you, I mean, not like people you can get something from, don't take it like that.....I ment honest and openminded people. That's what I wanted to say I guess

Nice job! I love it! Thanks a billion!

OMG! you have a great collection o videos! Congrats! I would love to be a member. thanx

omg. you are so awsome! i've been looking for this video forever but never could find it. do you have any other bon videos? they are so hard to get. Thanks alot.

please give me quickly,thank u!!

please let me express my appreciation to your kindness

sterling service very much appreciated thanks again

super duba maga thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you again.

Thank you for al the videos - Merry Christmas and all the happiness in upcoming year

Thank you for all the work you put into this club; we do appreciate it!

Thank you for making the Westlife video site =) I heard of your site from Westlife fans on my westlife site forum . You have made many fans really happy. It's great for us Westlife fans who don't live in the UK or Europe!

Thank You for the online vidz. Your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for the videos you're really are #1

Thank you so much for providing us such a fantastic and exclusive service!!

Thank you so much for the "Introducing World of Our Own" video!!! MY GOD ITS GOOD!!!! So thanks :)

thank you soooo much for the Westlife videos! I'm from the US and have no access to anything westlife, so your site is a life saver! I just joined your yahoo groups, so I'll see you there!

Thank you soooooooo much!

Thank you that you taught me the name of your mashinery to capture videos. I will refer to it when I buy my units.

Thank you very much for having this club and giving us the opertunity to see this videos.

Thank you very much!!!!

Thank you very much. I have already downloaded the video clip. It was great. Thanks!

Thank you! Download complete, and it looks great!

Thank you! So much! Your one amazin fella!

THANK YOU! you're a great person to be doing what you're doing! :)

thank you, glad you're back

Thank's for the Westlife Queen of my heart video Its wonderful except for the ending. Cheers!

Thanks a billion!

Thanks a lot for doing this for us, that is very nice of you! I can't wait to see this video. Thank you!

thanks a lot! your site has been a good source

Thanks Again, you're the best!!!

thanks alot! westlife vids are hard to come by in us. you are grrrrrrrrreat! =)

Thanks for all the hardwork you put into letting us be able to view these videos, it is really appreciated

Thanks for all the new videos! I can't download them fast enough :o) thanks.

Thanks for all the work you put into having these videos available for those of us who can't see them on TV! :o)

Thanks for be very receptive with me...

Thanks for bringing us great music video(s)!

thanks for encoding the westbam video

Thanks for everything.

thanks for putting in the amount of time and effort into your club!!

Thanks for that :-)

Thanks for the Angel vid!!! It's great!! I love it. I don't mind about the credits!! I loved it!!

Thanks for the video(s). Happy New Year!

thanks for the videos so much!!! really thanks!!!

thanks for the vids over the past year...may you and your family have a happy and safe christmas

thanks for the website. this is hope me very much. because in Indonesia i can't find such that videos and the TV channel in here is not many so i can't watch their performance. thanks a lot

thanks for this great westlife vid site

Thanks for this service, man... You rock! =)

Thanks for your excellent site. A truely briliant idea.

Thanks heaps and keep up the good work :)

Thanks in advance and cheers for an outstanding site.

thanks John and Kimber for the videos! love em!

thanks soooooooooo much you really are a nice guy =)

Thanks once more :) It isn't a hassle doing the lists for you :) I enjoy it actually, blare the music (westlife of course) and get through them :) Yeah I have noticed that the names of the files may vary sometimes, but thats cool.

thanks so much for the great site...sorry some people have to make it a hassle for you :)

Thanks so much for your hard work, even though it is a labour of love.

Thanks so much for your westlife videos! I love your westlife video site alot :-) It's great to be able to watch performances, that I would otherwise not be able to, thanks S C O R P I O ! !

thanks you again and again and again!

thank u again for your great site I just LOVE it

Thanks! You're the best :)

Thanks! You've got a great collection of vids!!!!

Thanks for the music videos. You are so great.

Thanks, your site rocks!! love it!!


Thanks. and have a happy new year! Love Your biggest fan!

thanx for a great site. its a good idea with not many about

Thanx for all the videos available. It has helped me watched videos i've never seen b4. This is great1 U have a wide selection of video. Keep it up! We luv it!

thanx for leting me join ur westlife site, I am a big fan of them,,

Thanx for your kindness

Thanx so much for allowing the Silver members to download one video per week from your complete list!! That's so kind of you.

Thanxs for everything u have done. It must be a hard job and I and many other Westlife fans appreciate it! Take care!

the notice on the main page saying its only temporary, please don't take it down the quality is fantastic! and I know off westlife fans that haven't shut up about your site so please please please make it permanent!

The page looks really good.

THE QUALITY IS GREAT! im really thankfull i found you! at last!,

the videos are sooooooo beautiful :-)) One more time a great Thanks !

the videos that you have are excelent! i always wanna see that Queen videos

this "club" of yours is a great net resource

This i my first time go to this website & I love this website cos' i can see westlife videos are somany there.thank u & hope u will send to me soon

This is a Great site! :-D

this is a great westlife website

this is an awesome site, thanksheaps

This is just the coolest site ever!! Thank you!

This is much better. Thank you for helping me to solve my page problem:-)

This is so cool! ;o)

This is the best site ever made

This sounds too good to be true

this web page is just wicked :)

thx for all this free and simple download files

tnx !! I really appreciate all the vids !! They are fab :o)

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ur site really rocks with all the videos!!

Ur Video are all some clear and I have no trouble play, Keep up the good work

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Very interesting site. Good video qualities.

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What an excellent site. Thank you sooooo much.

What can I say! You seem to have everything sorted. I'll tell you somthing. I am a programmer and use Borland tools alot. As you can imagine, from time to time, support is needed. I don't think that I have ever contacted someone as organised and prompt as you are. You have thought of everything. How refreshing!!!

What's your interest in all of this....sharing files.....and so on? Have you being working for the benefit society? You have Diana's spirit......That's cool.

whatever, just to let you know that someone is there. Thanks for all the hardwork you put into letting us be able to view these videos, it is really appreciated!

Where the heck do you get your bandwidth? It's awesome!

WOAH! Thats a big list

WOOO PV is great ! ! Thank You !

WOW! WOW! WOW! The Greatest music videos website!

You are a jewel

You are really generous. It's not that usual to meet people like you on the 'net

You have a great collection

You have been a godsend to us American fans. Thank you SO much! If anything, you have given Westlife more fans by just allowing us to watch things that their fans overseas get to watch. We hope you keep up the great work!

you have so many videos that i want. and your vid list for non-memebers is a limited one. =( is there any way to become a member? that would be so awsome. i bet everybody wants a membership but, i gotta ask. =) thanks for the videos

You know, it's people like you who make the whole internet experience a wonderful thing for novices like me. In a day and age where niceties are not the norm it's refreshing to find people who have time and patience for those not as knowledgable about their computers and the enjoyments to be had.

You're great man

You're making my ordinary life better, really!!!!!!!!! :-))

you`re an amazingly selfless person to devote so much of your time to people you don`t know....THANNNKKKKSSSS!!!

your collection of MPEG files and videos is great.

Your kindness has been appreciated and I hope to continue to stay in touch :-)

Your server has been great and I have really increased my collection because of it.

your site is amazing!

Your site is amazing~

Your site is fantastic!!!!

your site is really good~~

your site is really great. hope it carries on as i love watching music videos and my daughter loves them as well. keep up the good work

your site is the greates!!

Your so cool for doing this..

your user "jo" let me know that you have a gigantic, i mean massive, file archive and i was wondering if you could place me on a waiting list or something

your very kind person who isnt selfish your brill

Your Video Collection is incredible!

Your vids are ace, keep up the good work :) well done !

You´re the greatest! Thanks a billion!

Congrats for the amazing video club!! Cheers from Brazil =]
Yay.... Blue wymiata... :*:*:*
yay! there's still place for me! :D
I'm loving this site as always like every Westlife fan should. ;-)
Great site~
hey ya i live in a small part of canada and my sister and i r HUGE british fans
Great so far!! I love this website.
Thx great site ! :D
I just love this site!!
Love the site
John you are the best, thanks for a great site
hi this site rocks! there was no more space on the UK so I now live in Australia lol! it would make my day if u could join this site cheers luv Kay xxx
:-) Always a great place to be :-)
awesome site. thanks John!
hi john great site
Love this site, great vids.
Never Stop Giving Good Love!!!!
I think this is the best site to share videos, great job john!
I love this site! Thanks so much! You are amazing!
Thanks John :)
Guess Im somewhere around here...Connecticuts so tiny! You guys all rock, sepcially you John! ;)
Thanks so much for making such a wonderful site
Brazil!! Yessss!!!
Tak tak moje robaczki !!! :*
VJSscoprio rocks
Love ya John!!!! wooooooohooooo for ireland! Best place to live lol
Ah, right in the middle of Belgium :-)
Hello veryone from here!!! Big hug to all of vjsmembers =P
Ae galeraaa!!!! É Brasil na área!!!!
This site is absolutely wkd
isnt this the best site in the world thanks loads john love tracexx
The best video website in the internet. I love everything :) and it shows all the effort put in it. Keep the great job!
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hey to the big wide world :D
Hahaha too many pins in Holland! I'm afraid no dutchie can pin his/her pin in here anymore :P and i dont even live near to the coast :P cool! haha
Your site is the best,thnx John
Thanks John for the best music video site ever! Jen x
Yes I live in Iowa...right on the corner inbetween NE and SD and IA
Witwooo, this map is a great idea.
Heylo everyone it's me! Yes I live in Fargo. Love the site Johnny! Keep up the great work! I may not live in Ireland, but I'm a proud Irish-American!
Great site! Keep up the good work John!
Thank you for the wonderful site John!!
I guess I go just north of Debbie! :)
I love this site always has the best vids.
Your site is wonderful and it provides me with video's which I may have missed, thankyou. x
I hate snow, and water.. welcome to Ohio!
Love this map. It's just as cool as the site. Thanks.
Great job with your site. Thanks for sharing your love of music with the rest of the world.
Hey here I am in good old Germany (near Cologne)
As always, thank you so much for providing me, and everyone else with such great videos. You've done a great job for years, and I thank you for that.
he he, i can't believe these maps are still around, i used to have one on my old bsb page 5 years ago ;) wicked :P keep up the great work john (and mods)!!! xxLia
Hello WORLD!!!!
You are simply the greatest John! Thanks for giving the fans all these great videos year after year!
Hiyaaaaa!! Loving this guestmap!!
Hello, it only beauty
Peace and Love
"Köszönöm!" :)
Helllloooooooooo to everyone out there!!
Thanks for spending your time uploading all the videos, and for all your useful links and explanations so even brainless people like understand. LOL
Just browsed through the site and saw this cool guest map :-). Oh just wanna say that u do a great service for us ppl that dont have access to our fav artists ie westlife. Thank You Very Much!
This is really cool!!
Hey!! I love this guestmap, so funny and cute =) Thanks a lot for everything John from here, Cheers to everyone around the world lol, see you guys!!
It's an awesome site! Thank you for all the hard work and dedication!
Greetings from Karlskrona
By far the best music videos site on the net. Hope I can help & send out some vids soon cos it's awesome. Thanks!
Sort of floating in the sea as John's covering my bit! Kent.
Thankyou so Much John for having this great site for Music Lovers everywhere. You are the best.
Thanx for all the uploads :-). Take care!
Hi John!
Nice Punkgreetings from Berlin....
Hi... How to can i download videos anywhere
I have always said.. in one great net like this, of sure there are great men :) Tnx John
My family origin, (Italy)
Cool site
cool site, keep going
nice this eh?? :D
This is the best site on the net...Thanx John, You're a 'Legend' :)
Greetings from Poland!
Came on your Site by surfing the Internet.
Love your site :) Thank you for all your hard work & dedication. It's greatly appreciated.
Cool eh?


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